Swimming Pool Components and Accessories

No home is complete without a pool destined to be the place you spend those long, hot Okanagan summers. The installation of in-ground pools is trending at an astonishing rate in the Okanagan, so please call us for a consultation to avoid disappointment.

King Pool and Spa has been in business and installing swimming pools in Okanagan for over a decade. We specialize in the installation of steel wall, vinyl liner pools provided by Latham. (In business since 1956, Latham manufactures quality pools with premium vinyl liners that are easy to clean, and smooth to the touch. They are North America’s largest manufacturer of swimming pool components and accessories). Come into our Showroom to browse the Latham collection where you can choose from dozens of unique pool designs.

Recently King Pool added fibreglass pool installs to their list of services. Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the pool and features best suited to your space and lifestyle.

Our pools feature:

Top quality 16 ga. zinc-coated galvanized steel walls with “Z” rib internal supports

Stake-Lok panel construction for strength and stability

Wide top and bottom panel flanges

Sturdy, heavy gauge galvanized steel brace with drive stake assembly

Vinyl liners coated with a special fungicide that inhibits bacteria growth

Smooth vinyl textures that will not scuff your toes or snag your swimsuit

Vinyl liners in a variety of designer patterns to choose from

Lifetime limited warranty for original owner *

Premium vinyl liners that are smooth and easy to clean

Why Chemical Balancing Is Important

Without proper balancing, pool liners can be damaged. If the alkaline level is too low, over time the liner will begin to pucker and wrinkle, causing further problems with pH control and acidic levels for further wear on the vinyl. If calcium hardness is low in your water chemistry, the flexibility of the vinyl liner may become compromised. If the calcium hardness level is too low for a long period of time, your liner will become brittle with tiny holes beginning to show. Mineral testing is also important to prevent the vinyl liner from becoming stained. It’s easier to prevent staining than try to remove it later.

Don’t let the worry of trying to manage the balancing act of your water prevent you from making new pool plans. When we build for you, we’re with you every step of the way, making water balancing and pool maintenance easy. Our recommended chemicals starter package is included with all purchases. After your pool is up and running, we sell high quality SaniMarc chemicals from our showroom so you’re never without the products you need to keep your new pool running efficiently. Did you know we manage the entire installation process for a new pool, including obtaining permits and arranging all the details of the excavation? Fencing installation is available upon request, including “Protect-A-Child” removable safety fencing.