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Keep Your Pool Looking Clean

We Sell Pool Chemicals

Keep your pool looking clean, clear, and inviting day after day. At King Pool and Spa, our staff are the pool care professionals who are here to help advise you on what chemicals you might need.

Our trained and experienced staff are happy to test your water to ensure a safe water balance with easy-to-follow step by step instructions.


Pool Party Season is Upon Us

Starting up your pool always seems like such a task. We just want to be able to jump in. Neighbours and friends are coming over. Call our office early in the spring to ensure your pool is ready for the season.


If you have a cartridge filter system, have they been deep-cleaned and ready to go?


Once we open your pool, allow a couple of days for your pool to circulate the water that sat during the winter months.


When the water clears up, it’s time to vacuum and clean the debris.


Come into our store with a water sample and receive a professional analysis report for a safe, clean and pool-party-ready pool. Follow our printed instructions and ENJOY!!!

Helpful Tips:

Once a week balance your water to proper levels. If you’re checking and adding every day, you’re going up and down, up and down. This can be a waste of your money.


“Shock” (adding chlorine or oxidizing treatments) should be done weekly. “Super chlorinate or Oxidizing” means adding more than the normal amount of chlorine or other chemical sanitizers to the pool water to raise the used sanitizer level for a short period.


Bather load uses up more chlorine. Turn up the amount of output for your pool party but don’t forget to turn that back down.


Never cover the pool until the chlorine level has come down.

“If it is green, it takes time to clean”

pool inspections

Pool Inspections and Reports

Our trained technicians will inspect your pool and provide a comprehensive written report outlining deficiencies and areas of concern including, but not limited to, equipment, liners, cover cracks, plumbing, mechanical problems, issues, safety and drainage issues, paint, and decks.

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Liner Replacement

Liners can leak, fade, and simply deteriorate over time however they can be replaced and updated to provide you with a secure, leak proof, new look. When replacing a liner, it is required to take proper measurements, complete meticulous preparation and installations. These key steps will ensure a perfect fit for years to come and we specialize in taking great care to ensure installations are done correctly. We are not complete until you are satisfied.

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Spring Openings

We offer professional pool opening services in the spring, to help you get ready for a great summer!

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Winter Closings

Our staff will prepare your pool for the new season and then close it down properly when fall draws near. Ask us about our approach to pool closing which does not require draining or replacing all water.

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We can advise on lighting, controls, pump timers or automation. Our Licensed Electricians are experts at installing or repairing your pool and spa systems.

Protect A Fence Gate


Multiple levels of protection are best defense against tragic accidents. Fenced off Pool areas with self-closing gates are a minimum. For young ones you should also consider keeping mandatory life vests, on hand, intrusion alarms, or additional “Protect a Child” barriers (temporary removable fencing from

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Sand Filter Repair or Replacement

Your silica sand filter should be examined regularly and repaired or replaced if damaged. Sand in a residential filter will normally last 3 to 5 years. A yearly chemical sand cleaning is recommended to remove body oils and calcium contamination that may inhibit your filter’s cleaning action. We now offer Glass Media as an alternative to silica sand.

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Cartridge Filter Repair or Replacement

A filter should be repaired or replaced if frayed, split or contaminated and can no longer trap dirt and particles. Cartridges should be rinsed and deep cleaned on a quarterly basis (at the very least). Quarterly is the minimum.

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Pool Covers

Protect your pool and those around it with a pool cover customized to fit your pool dimensions precisely. Manual and motorized pool covers are available.

Keep the heat in your pool overnight or on cloudy days with a solar bubble blanket and roller remover. We also have a liquid product called “Cover Free” by Natural Chemistry that you add weekly to your pool water. This is ideal for larger or odd shaped pools where standard rectangular blankets become difficult to work with. For storage or wintertime, let us supply you with a custom fit stretched Safety Cover. Powered and manual Safety Covers can be used all year long and are available not only for new pools but can be installed onto existing pools as well. Check out Cover Pools for more information:

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Pool Chemicals and Accessories

We carry the complete line of Sani Marc “purity” pool and hot tub chemicals. Maintenance and pool accessories including skimmers, lights, pumps, liners, motors, heaters, salt and UV Ozone systems, automation timers and more. Our professional water analysis experts with the industry standard WaterLink Spintouch system, can give you a detailed easy to follow printed report and recommendation so that you can maintain your water. This will perfectly balance your leisure water, provide maximum equipment life and easy maintenance enjoyment for you. No green pools!

Leak Repair

Leak Repair

As leak detection specialists, we can locate and repair most leaks others cannot find. Using our state-of-the-art electronic liner detection, specialized dyes, listing devices and camera scoping, we have the experience to locate and repair any leak.

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Pump & Motor Repairs and Replacements

Hayward Pool Heater

Pool Heaters

We sell Hayward pool heaters built for their quiet performance and superior warranties. We can repair most heaters! Don’t let a broken heater impact the amount of time you spend in your pool. We have solar heaters, conventional gas, direct vent, heat exchangers and heat pump systems available. Heaters can extend the number of enjoyable swimming hours in your day.

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Repairs and Renovations

We can provide repairs and renovations in the Okanagan and the surrounding area for your pool or spa project. Call us for plumbing repairs, equipment upgrades and relocations, salt water and U.V. installations, automation systems, deck renovations, lighting, stair installations, handrails, liners etc.

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