Service & Maintenance for Hot Tubs

The 3 Basics Principles of Water Care

Kelowna hot tub filter

Circulation and Filtration

Check your hot tub pump is working daily and alternate 2 spa filters (cleaning before reinstalling) once a week.

Kelowna hot tub water balancing

Water Balancing

Check your hot tub chemicals every day or so with a test strip. Adjust the PH or add chorine pucks as required.

Kelowna hot tubs maintenance


Bring in a water sample every few months and we can advise on any additional chemicals you might need to keep your water sparkling.

Hot Tub Covers

Protect your hot tub, conserve energy, and keep your family safe with our customized hot tub covers, available in a range of styles and colors swatches to see in store. To guarantee a perfect fit; we measure, order, deliver and install your new custom cover. We will even take away your old cover. Need an extra strong top? We now have 500lb rated covers to protect your family and pets. Cover locks and hurricane straps are also available.

Spa Repairs

We do hot tub repairs designed to extend the life of your spa. Informative water analysis and recommendations are a good idea at any time: contact us.

Vacation Closings

Our staff will prepare your spa for when you are away.